Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just another blackjack site...

When you search for blackjack on google, you will get back about 31,800,000 hits... Somewhere in that mess is this site :O)

Well if you at this site, either you are looking for blackjack stories or blackjack strategy. Well, I'll tell you, I have a TON of stories about this game, but I'm going to start this blog off right with some basic strategy...

The Wizard of Odds is a good site to learn about this game. In fact, they have one of the most popular basic strategy blackjack charts on the web. See it here.

While this chart is great, you can see that it is only for a certain variation of the game. This of course is the most commonly played type of blackjack, and the version that you would find walking into almost any casino, that's why this chart is good.

Unfortunately, in order to master this casino game, this chart is just the beginning... In fact, this chart is good, but not always the best for playing blackjack online. Different online casinos use different styles of blackjack, and while you think that you might be playing the perfect strategy, you might want to read the rule of the table carefully before you sit down.

Well, that's enough typing for today... I'll be back with more tips, info, and stories later.

See you at the tables.

Friday, May 26, 2006

My great blackjack site!

This site got labeled as possible spam... too many gambling links I think.

Oh well, it's not locked so I can still post :O)

Anyway, I started this blog at the oddest time because I haven't been playing too much blackjack recently. In fact, I've been playing a lot of poker... BoDog Poker, Party Poker, and Titan Poker are by far my favorite sites. My favorite sites for blackjack have to be the ones linked to here... Casino on Net, Del Rio, and Golden Palace (even though I couldn't find a nice looking banner for them)...

Anyway, enough about this site. I promise that I've have some blackjack talk in my next post, after this weekend.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Can I admit that I am watching American Idol?

Looks like I just did...

Anyway, Meatloaf sucks, as do most of the contestants... But I think I love that stupid blonde girl who knows nothing about food...

Did you vote? I didn't. I did once the first season, even though I never really watched the show... I watched it once and said "Fuck it. If I'm watching this thing, why not vote?". It was years ago, and I can't even remember who I voted for...

Anyway, I think Taylor Hicks should win... But I'm kind sick of the Soul Patrol even though I just learned about it the other night. It pretty annoying.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nothing going on here...

Just thought I would let you know :O)

Monday, May 22, 2006

My top ten things to bet on

The top ten things I love betting on:

1. Blackjack
2. Poker - Texas Holdem, Seven Stud, etc.
3. The Super Bowl
4. Craps
5. Roulette
6. The World Cup
7. Boxing
8. Pia Gow Poker
9. March Madness
10. The Kentucky Derby

Sunday, May 21, 2006

First Blackjack post

I felt like starting a blog. I'm not really sure what I'll write about here yet, but I love to play blackjack, so I named the blog after this... It's incredible how many blackjack blogs already exist. I had to try a lot of address names before I came up with this one.

Of course, "Blackjack" was gone, but so were were a whole slue of names that I tried (blackjack-blog, blackjackonline, ect.). Well, now I am to be officially known as an expert... But I do consider myslef an expert, so it shouldn't be that hard :O)