Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just another blackjack site...

When you search for blackjack on google, you will get back about 31,800,000 hits... Somewhere in that mess is this site :O)

Well if you at this site, either you are looking for blackjack stories or blackjack strategy. Well, I'll tell you, I have a TON of stories about this game, but I'm going to start this blog off right with some basic strategy...

The Wizard of Odds is a good site to learn about this game. In fact, they have one of the most popular basic strategy blackjack charts on the web. See it here.

While this chart is great, you can see that it is only for a certain variation of the game. This of course is the most commonly played type of blackjack, and the version that you would find walking into almost any casino, that's why this chart is good.

Unfortunately, in order to master this casino game, this chart is just the beginning... In fact, this chart is good, but not always the best for playing blackjack online. Different online casinos use different styles of blackjack, and while you think that you might be playing the perfect strategy, you might want to read the rule of the table carefully before you sit down.

Well, that's enough typing for today... I'll be back with more tips, info, and stories later.

See you at the tables.