Friday, January 05, 2007

New Year Fireworks for Online Casino Winners

Whilst most people were preparing to celebrate the arrival of 2007 in traditional fashion, a number of hardened online gamblers turned to the Bodog online casino in the hope of ushering in the New Year in some style.

For five online players that wish became a reality as between them they entered 2007 just a shade over $80,000 better off.

E. M. of Illinois was the biggest winner after taking a seat at the Bodog Blackjack table and ended the year with a $24,250 win. J. L. from New York also won around $15,000 at the Blackjack tables on the last day of the year, whilst T. P. of Pennsylvania won just under $15,000 playing Golden Glove real series Video Slots.

J. R. from New Mexico unearthed some very welcome treasure playing the Diamond Mine Slot machine as he finished his session $12,250 better off, whilst K. G. from Pennsylvania became the final big winner of the year by winning $13,650 playing Three Card Poker.

Players at Bodog Casino can use a single account to access online poker, sportsbetting, or to bet on horse-racing, as well as getting an unlimited 10 per cent bonus on all deposits.
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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ultimate Blackjack Tour Heads to Las Vegas Strip

The boom in blackjack is continuing as the Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT) heads to Las Vegas.

For the first time ever the Las Vegas strip, in partnership with The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, will host a UBT event.

The Venetian Invitational takes place November 24-26 and includes a prize pool of over $100,000. The final six players at the Venetian Invitational receive round-trip airfare to Los Angeles in January to compete in a taped UBT event that will air on CBS in 2007. The winner of the event will also receive a $10,000 buy-in to UBT's year-end Tournament of Champions which boasts a $1 million guaranteed first prize and an estimated $2-3 million total prize pool.

Russ Hamilton, UBT founder, said, ''It's great to partner with a world-class casino such as The Venetian to give UBT’s Elimination Blackjack tournaments a home on Las Vegas Boulevard.

'Since the show has started airing on CBS, UBT has enjoyed a meteoric rise in the gaming world, and we know our new relationship with The Venetian will be a win-win for everyone involved.'

The strong TV ratings are a clear indication of the success that UBT is enjoying with the UBT charter tour stops allowing everyone to experience the fast-paced action while playing for big money and the opportunity to reach superstardom on CBS.

Rob Goldstein, President and COO of The Venetian, said, 'Thanks to our exclusive partnership with the UBT, The Venetian has a great opportunity to showcase our property while enhancing each guest’s experience in gaming and entertainment,” said.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Blackjack Is a Game of Perfection

Last time we talked about what a complex game live poker is and how nobody plays error-free poker. Everybody sometimes misreads what they think their opponent has, everybody sometimes calls when they should fold, and everybody sometimes checks when they should bet. Still and all, you'll be okay if you just make fewer mistakes than your opponents.

In blackjack, however, your opponent is the house, and you've got the built-in disadvantage of having to play your hand first. The good news is, you can make that up with expert play – just barely. But the odds of the game are so close that even if you do play like an expert, there's practically no room at all for mistakes. You have to know every correct play like the palm of your hand just to keep things almost 50-50. And if you want to actually gain the upper hand over the dealer, then you've got to keep some kind of reliable track of the cards.

Let me give you an example of how playing errors in blackjack will shoot you down. There's a right and a wrong way to play every hand and if you never make a mistake, odds are the dealer will still pull four bets ahead of you for every 10 hours of play.

Of course, that would be in a perfect world. But in the green felt jungle you're subject to the moody swings of Lady Luck. In fact, 45% of the time, you'll actually win enough extra lucky hands to end up a winner for that 10 hour period.

Now instead, what about the average Joe Blackjack who plays about 1 out of every 10 hands wrong? What are his odds? Because of the way Joe plays, he should fall 12 bets behind every 10 hours. Lady Luck will help him out enough to make up those 12 bets only 33% of the time! And the more mistakes Joe makes, the luckier he has to get to come out ahead.

Now, suppose you play all your hands perfectly, but still don't like the odds of probably falling four bets further behind every 10 hours. Suppose you want to have the odds in your favor at blackjack. Fortunately, gaining the upper hand in the game is possible. Unfortunately, it requires keeping track of key cards that have been dealt.

When most blackjack players hear that last statement, they back away, feeling it's too much work. But what pinochle player worth his salt would play pinochle and not keep track of trump cards? In stud poker, if you were drawing to a diamond flush, wouldn't you count the diamonds on board? Why should it take any less effort to win at blackjack? Do you think the casino's going to give their money to you just because you memorized a basic strategy "win card" from their gift shop?

Oh no! To gain the upper hand over the house, you'll have to play more perfectly than just perfect basic strategy. You'll have to know when the right cards are left in the shoe. Then you'll be in the position of probably pulling two to six bets ahead every 10 hours. Your actual chances of coming out ahead over any 10-hour stretch wouldn't be 45% or 33% anymore -- but 53% to 57%.

Many methods have been devised for tracking the cards in blackjack. The strongest ones require the dedication of a fanatic, and the weakest can be mastered by most average players in a few hours.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Unlike Blackjack, Poker Is a Game of Mistakes

Practically speaking, blackjack and live poker are the only two "beatable" games in the casino. But the tools you need to win at each game are different as night and day.

Winning strategy at casino blackjack is quite an exact science. When you have 14 against the dealer's 5 up, for example, you should definitely stand every time, no matter what dealer you're up against. You know proof positive that the dealer will always take a card, even if she turns up a 10 in the hole and already has you beaten with 15. Also, most blackjack bets are for even money. With such concise variables to consider, determining the optimum play is nothing more than a lengthy mathematical problem. Once that's worked out, though, blackjack's proper strategy is gospel.

Poker, on the other hand is much more complicated. Basically, that's because you play against the other players. You see, in poker, you often don't know how your opponent will play his hand. It's the equivalent of your blackjack dealer turning up that 15, looking around the board and saying, "Hmm, should I take a hit here, or should I stand?"

That's how your opponents' free will in poker creates a whole new set of problems for you. When you bet into him, sometimes he'll fold, sometimes he'll call and sometimes he'll raise. And when he does raise, he'll occasionally be bluffing. Besides that, each player has his own set of standards for when he'll do each. Combine that with continuously varying pot sizes and correct poker strategy becomes a very inexact science. Actually, it's more of a personal art.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ultimate Blackjack Tour Strikes partnership with Palms Casino Resort in Vegas

In a perfect Vegas pairing, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour will bring its high-adrenaline, juiced up version of tournament blackjack to the trendsetting Palms Casino Resort as an official UBT tour stop April 20, 2007.

Strong ratings for its weekly CBS television program have shown that the world is ready for UBT's new take on a casino classic. Charter UBT tour stops allow everyone to experience the fast-paced fun of Elimination Blackjack™ in a tournament setting while playing for millions and the opportunity to reach superstardom on CBS. UBT's worldwide tour kicked off on September 23 at the Radisson Resort and Casino in Aruba and continues on to St. Kitts' Royal Beach Casino on October 28.

"Since its opening, the Palms has never been afraid to try new things, so they make a perfect partner to host the first Las Vegas charter tour stop for Ultimate Blackjack Tour," said UBT founder, expert gambler and 1994 WSOP Main Event winner Russ Hamilton. "Initial reaction to the UBT has been overwhelmingly positive and the Palms has a knack for recognizing the next big thing."

"We are thrilled to be a charter member of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour," said Palms Casino Resort owner George Maloof. "The series is filled with fun and excitement, which is what the Palms is all about. And the elimination format will bring our customers the hottest blackjack tournament around."

The high-velocity ten-episode first season of Ultimate Blackjack Tour, which debuted nationwide on CBS Saturday, September 16th to stellar ratings, features the world's top poker and blackjack pros in cut-throat action against the dealer, and one another. Chock full of forced eliminations, secret bets and smash mouth trash talking, the season also includes two special episodes: The Ladies of Blackjack, which showcases top female gamblers the likes of Annie Duke, Jennifer Tilly, Monica Reeves and Erica Schoenburg, and The Legends of Blackjack, which puts blackjack whizzes Stanford Wong, Anthony Curtis, Kenny Einiger and others in exciting, head-to-head competition.

Additionally, through its web site,, Ultimate Blackjack Tour is doing something never been done before. UBT is currently holding free online tournaments where winners earn seats to the UBT season two final tables to be televised on CBS in 2007. The site also provides Elimination Blackjack™ playing tips and in-depth analysis of the televised events.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Globe of Blogs

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trying out Online Casinos

One of the great joys of playing in casinos online is that most offer the opportunity to download the software and play as a guest player without you having to deposit any money. You can sample the casino games using play money which is a tremendous opportunity for a new player to experience online casino play without any financial risk.

Imagine walking into a live casino and asking if you can play for free on one of the blackjack tables, just to get some practice with pretend money. Of course they would think you were crazy and ask you to stop wasting their time. However online casinos are different. Most allow you to login to their software as a guest user and trial their various games using play money. You don't need to deposit any cash!

This is a great opportunity for an inexperienced casino player. Firstly you gain the experience playing online without any financial risk. Being comfortable with online play can be an achievement in itself, and so playing as a guest allows you to gain that experience at your own leisure without any pressure.

You also get the opportunity to play a wide variety of different games that you might not normally try if you were playing for real cash. You can test out the more common table games such as craps, Blackjack, Roulette or Baccarat, as well as sampling all of the various Online Slots machines and arcade games that you might not have ever seen before.

This also allows you to experiment with your play. You can test out various strategies and betting techniques and learn the consequences of those actions. Often the best way to learn is through trial and error by putting theory into practice. What a great way to experiment when you have nothing to lose!

Making use of the guest account facilities also provides the opportunity to test a casino's software before you commit to making a download. You can ensure that the software runs smoothly and is appealing to you. You can also learn where the various settings and buttons to place your bets are. There's nothing worse than coming to a new casino and placing a $100 bet when you meant to only bet $10. Test out the software and get an understanding of the way it operates so that you can avoid such mistakes.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, so if you are a new casino player then take advantage of the casino's guest account facilities to trial the casino games and software before you are ready to make your first real deposit!

After playing with your Guest account, make your first deposit of $100 at Golden Palace Casino and you'll get a $300 bonus to play their real money games!